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Starting up Commissions!!

Posted by SHADOWFOX2 - December 10th, 2014

Hello hello, Shads here to announce that I am (and have always been) open for commissions of sorts!

I've been waiting a while to try to make some big neat organized presentation/announcement but people have let me know that there are too many people who do NOT know, and what better place to start broadcasting than here where I started?

I've got two methods for these commissions:

Option #1 is for those who are looking for either sounds, tracks, remixes, remakes, and everything in between and have the money to see their request done within up to a few months. This choice is usually for the longer term clients with projects like games, animations, I've had opening jingles for DJs, that kinda thing. Since these tend to range anywhere in the hundreds, my system has been to do this on a half now, half when we're finished basis. This way we're both invested in the project and unfortunate "*Excuse Here* Happened and I can't pay you so cancel" situation won't arise and I will not have wasted my time~~

Option #2 which I've come up with myself is an affordable method for people who really like a certain artist or musician but just can't pay them enough to get exactly what they want. It doesn't have a name yet but it's basically a pay up front, "I-do-how-much-you-pay" sort of deal. Based on your request, it will be put on a quality/duration scale. For example, $25 might get you anywhere between a solid 20 second loop or the sexiest 7 seconds you've ever heard in your life. This way, I can give anyone willing a small idea of what I'm capable of in case next time one might want to make a larger request. The favorite so far for this option has been ringtones, be it remixes or made from scratch, so think creative 'cause I've not a reason to set limits outside of the reasonable so far.

So yeah, I've got a Skype for any extra details, or you can throw me a PM here


Awesome! also Merry christmas if I forget!

Also 666 fans XD

I have a feeling it's gonna stay like that now for a while lol