calling all animators

2012-06-09 00:42:40 by SHADOWFOX2

"Looking for sprite animator's for indie game, specifically pixle artists, but
if that ain't your thing, give it a shot anyways!
You'll end up with money in your pocket so not much to lose eh?!
The game is going on the 360, so the sprites themselves can be animated in flash,
but will have to be exported in the graph like format, it's some crazy nonsense so
to get the full details and specs, add khawnerng on skype."


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2012-06-10 13:14:06

One might be well advised to do a spell check before creating a post such as this.


2012-06-10 13:21:18

one might be advised that i SPELT PIXEL WRONG AND THATS IT


2012-06-10 23:13:20

There are grammatical errors as well. But perhaps I'm wasting my time.


2012-09-26 14:47:22

If ya want, I can give it a shot for free, bro. It depends on what kind of sprite though.