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Wwwow. I really wasn't expecting anyone to be interested enough about me or anything I had to say to leave a comment...umm, alright, now you know!

I always listen to music with my best headphones to get the full force of the music (and sometimes you hear something you probably will never hear without them). I agree that people should listen to music with headphones before making judgments.

Same hereee!!

well thanks vor the voting XD
there will be better sound soon

Haha no prob?

i have a subwoofer :) should be good

Indeed you should!

your music is nice indeed

make more. something higher tempo

Definitely! I've got a bunch of stuff I haven't finished yet. Most of which is on my little topic in the Upload section...

Hey bro, u gotta send me that whatever it is that you use to make the music. Atleast on my hotmail account. It would be nice to make music of my own. Maybe people will like it, maybe they won't, but I wanna make somethin for people to listen to.

K, now all you have to do is remind me...

ok so the guy saying i know wat they thought complemented the beat and tone fo the music as the song progressed my bad if i could go back and change it i would have gaven it a 10/10 :D

Hey man, all is well
Although I didn't have a lotta time with it, it is still a little repetitive, so I'm happy with what you gave it. Thanks for the extra point in your heart though :D

Hehehe. I listen to your music both with headphones or speakers...Either way, your music sounds great. =D

Hey thanks

:O there some songs i think u should lsiten to fast forward X3 they sound awesome.id own u with capt falcon >..>

There are some tracks I DO listen to in fast forward.
Also, as long as you're playing as Captain Falcon, that's all that matters

I promise you will enjoy every song :1 :D <a href="http://www.playlist.com/playlist/16344627723">http://www.playlist.com/playlist/1634 4627723</a>

Is that your page?
I really like Distance and I'm trying to find a place to download it for free, but if not...

I'm not sure how to say this so I'll say it like thise.


Hey thanks!

HA HA my favorite newgrounds artist made a flash with one of my friends,i really like the sound work you did for lenkos video.Hope to see more work from you in the future

Glad you liked it!
I'm confused as to who you're referring to with favorite NG artist and one of your friends...

Your music is absolutely awesome. I found myself listening to all of them in one sitting. Now to listen to them again, haha

Haha thanks mate!
I should probably make another news post soon

I know this isn't about the post, but bare with me... I visited your site, listened to some music, and thought &quot;Holy fuck, this is awesome! I'd like to download this to my ipod, zune, or other mp3 device of choise!&quot; I soon dicovered this was (apparently) impossible. Can I download these anywhere, or are you making people pay (dick move), or what? I respect your discission regardlesss, just hoping for an answer. Aside from that, just keep on keepin' on, I loves it!

LMAO a dick move to have people pay for music
What kinda system are people runnin' these days?

Actually no, I stopped uploading things to NG for a while 'cause of some things
Plus those that you can't download aren't really finished, but I will probably upload a ton of them this year for you all to enjoy!

Well, duh, it's a communist system we're in, isn't it?...Isn't it...?
No, but I thank you for the information, and wish to apologize for sounding like a dick. It's really obvious now. Stay awesome, man.