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Comments (8)

Great job man!! You're def one of the best music producers around here. I seriously enjoyed the Rageous 7 track. I was pretty stoked to see that you created the music while I waited for it to load up. With all of these great songs you're dropping, it won't be long before I see you on some HUGE stuff. Anyway man, don't ever stop making music, you're really great at it! I'd really like to work with you sometime with my films. Keep up the great work. Also I'm peeping the album asap, I can hardly wait to hear it!

Keep it movin' man!
~Lord Kalvin

Thank you very much for all the compliments haha, they bring a smile to my face 8]
Glad you enjoyed the collab tracks, and I really hope that I do work on some huge stuff in the future
Making music is my dream, and I don't plan on stopping or giving up anytime soon
I'm totally down for working with you sometime in the future too, just let me know what's up!
Thanks a bunch for your continued support too, I really appreciate it


helluva song you made for that Rageous 7 thing bro. Damn good work.

Thanks a bunch dude I'm glad you enjoyed it

hey man. loving your music. i totally posted a link on my facebook, maybe some of my friends will check you out! hope it gets you a little more exposure at least.


Hey Jack I'm glad to hear you liked iiiiit
I have yet to post it on Facebook but I'm gonna have to do so soon
You'd be the second person I know who's done this and I feel sorta bad for having other people help me out when I'm not helping myself
Thanks again!

hahaha, it's all good, i like to show people music i like, i'd do it for anyone. no need to feel bad. really like your funk, it's a great genre for just sitting around being lazy to. good luck in the future!

I blame my conscience.
Glad you like it though, funk needs to be brought back
I haven't seen too much of it recently
But yeah all of what I've done in that album has been for thinking/getting stuff done while it plays in the background
Thanks though I need all the luck I can get!

Gotta say, I have never seen such an awesome thumbs up in my life. That thumbs up makes me want to make "Everything Appreciation Day" and have it so those thumbs are presented with fireworks that rain hundreds of accepting and awesome thumbs upon me. Oh, and you got the best funk around mah boi. I love to listen to your house and funk songs all day, and use your techno when I go to sweet rave parties! Good luck and good bye, I hope to see ya another day!

LMAO mah boi
Glad you like :]
Also are you talking about my profile pic 'cause I'm thinking about changing it

Hey man, I love your work, but I can't seem to get the album to download.
All I get is a .php file.
Help a noob out?

Aaaaaaaaaaaaah sorry dude!
I hardly notice anything with news :<
I fixed the link and I'll send you a PM too